St. Maries Saddle Club

St. Maries Saddle Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Main St. Bistro in St. Maries..

St. Maries Saddle Club is a non profit organization located in St. Maries,  Idaho.  It originated over 50 years ago from a local group that wanted to support local equine events​. With the help and organizational skills from a handful of local horse enthusiasts and donations from the community they were able to carve out of a rocky hillside a beautiful arena at the Benewah County fairgrounds as a place for people and their horses to gather.                                                                               Their annual Horse Show and O-Mok-See is held in this arena.

St. Maries Saddle Club's (SMSC) goal is to offer fun and educational equine events to the community.  Currently, SMSC hosts an annual Horse Show and O-Mok-See in the summer.     Other events that they host are play days, trail rides and clinics.